Being the best you can be.

How impressive is the young Kiwi singer Ella O’Connor AKA Lorde. Her beautiful songs “Royals” and “ Tennis Court” have raced up the charts both here and in the US and she is now travelling on that big scary road called “fame”.

I watched an interview with Lorde, the other day and what impressed me was the clear direction and purpose she has with what she sees as her future. I don’t think we will see any of the antics of Mylie Cyrus from this girl. She strikes me as level headed and focused on producing great music and not being some sort of popular icon, “trend setter” or out there to shock everyone.

What makes the difference between achieving major success and being satisfied with the everyday ho-hum most of us are content with?

I am always looking for the clues of what makes people operate at the highest level. In common for almost all of those people who reach the top of their fields are:

  • A clear vision of the end goal
  • They know how they will get there and adjust and monitor their actions as needed
  • They seek out the best help and advice through mentoring and coaching
  • They strive to enjoy the process
  • They see mistakes as learning experiences
  • They are persistent and never give up

So no matter whether you are wanting to be an elite sportsperson, acclaimed artist or wanting to be the best in your field of endeavor the above points are what will make you stand out from the crowd and gain the success you dream of.

Success is something you do “on purpose”. It is a conscious process that requires discipline and planning. For most of us we have no idea how to do this. Most of us fumble around getting through the day and just doing the same old same old.

If however, you would like to know how to achieve awesome success, our excellent team at T3 Australia have the knowledge and resources to help you goal set, plan and implement anything you want to achieve. It does not matter if you are the CEO of a company, owner of a small business, Personal Assistant to the boss or brand new to the workforce everyone needs this knowledge to create their future.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Cheers Michael

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The next move

Chess move Decisions, Decisions, Descisions.

Is there anything harder in life than to make a decision? Some I know are easy. Eat lunch, drink water, smile at a baby……………… or hard, saying goodbye forever, quitting your job, buying a house……….

Have you ever thought that life is really just a series of decisions one after another? Making decisions can be one of the most stressful situations we face in life. Making a decision that has consquences that adversily effects your life are the ones that create stress and upset in our lives.

All of us face massive decisions  that mean our lives change forever.  Change of work, starting or ending a relationship or committing to a major project see many of us dither about changing from one position to another.  Most of us will have a love hate relationship with making decisions. This will have a lot to do with our comfort zone.

Your comfort zone in reality is where you cross the line where making decisions is realitively easy and the point where they become harder. The larger you comfort zone the more able you are to make decisions confidently and without too much stress. People with small comfort zones find it difficult to make decisions as they will have to push through the barrier and be forced to make their comfort zone bigger.

Making confident and competent decisions is not easy. In a world of information overload making decisions is becoming harder as we have to decifer which is  poor information and what is to be trusted. Regardless of whatever you want to know someone, somewhere will have an opinion. Trusting what is right is the big issue.

Our company T3 Australia knows that getting good information to make informed decisions is one of the greatest challenges people face. Our experts are great at finding and delivering reliable and up to date information to help you in the key areas of your life, your work, personal development and life isssues.

Endeavour to make your comfort zone bigger and learn the skills to making better decisions today.

Cheers Michael


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Buy Myself

Grumpy Cat

It is always instructional to sit back and have a look at things from a different perspective. One of the hardest things to do is be objective about yourself. We all have a self-image which we use in our daily lives. Rightly or wrongly this self-image governs our day to day actions, relationships, failures and successes. How often have you met that truly talented person who has such a low opinion of themselves, or on the other hand, that super confident individual who seems to have little to base that confidence on?

How we judge ourselves and others is part of the human condition. Comparison and contrast have a profound effect on how we see the world. It effects our actions in subtle and often unconscious ways. Why do we find one person attractive and another unattractive? Why does someone else see the complete opposite?

Knowing that contrast and comparison is an important thing to understand can help us make the best of our talents and opportunities that present themselves as we go through our lives.

I am not a big fan of political correctness. I think it is impossible not to discriminate, make judgments and be shallow and callous on occasions. It is part of being a human being to make snap decisions. It is often said that we make up our minds about someone within the first 5 seconds of meeting them. I remember a time when meeting someone with a tattoo would mean to me that this person was probably a criminal, part of a bikie gang or just plain stupid. For me to keep that attitude would mean I wouldn’t have many friends now as some of my nearest and dearest have tattoos.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Are we making the best use of our talents and opportunities through having an unhelpful self-image of ourselves and how does that influence our relationships with other people?

Marty Morris CEO of MMI Pty Ltd is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. What really impresses me about him is the clear self-image he has of himself. This translates into having a clear vision of what is going on inside other individuals. This helps him to guide, coach and mentor others by helping them see what their self-image could be and helping them transform their lives.

Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey and other great personal development experts also show people how to improve their self-image. This one aspect of our thoughts is the main thing that holds us back from having a better life.

How often do you say in your head through your self-image, I couldn’t do that, or I am not smart enough, or I am not lucky or the worst thing all together, I might/will/always fail so why bother.

Having someone you can rely on to tell you the truth about yourself, both the good and the bad is one of the great strategies to moving yourself towards an awesome life. These people hold you to account. They help you see your true self. They kill your excuses. They don’t take no for an answer. They encourage you to take a chance, fail sometimes (which is a learning opportunity) and aim higher.

Buy myself. This is the key. There is only one you. Have confidence in yourself. The one person in your life that you will never be able to get away from. The one person with all those talents, faults and failings you must carry around with you day to day. If you invest in your self-development you will be so much more. I see so many people complaining about their lives on social media and know that in a lot of cases they are just making excuses for their underachievement. This is the cop out. Better to complain then do something about it.

Invest in your self today. Contact us for more information about our great products and services in the area of self-development. We have a quality offering with something for everybody and every situation.


Cheers Michael


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Networking Advice That Doesn’t Suck

Excellent article from the talented Kayla Cruz
Cheers Michael

Gen Y Girl


Today’s Guest Post was written by the fab, Hannah Beasley. Her and I have a lot in common, so I’m thrilled that she’s contributed to the site! Check out her awesome advice below, and then swing on over to Brazen Careerist, where I not too long ago shared 5 Essential Tips for Surviving Awkward Networking Events. Because yes, networking can suck, but it doesn’t have to.


Seriously, if I read one more post spewing generic networking advice, I might punch a hole in my MacBook screen.  I completely understand if you don’t even want to read this post, but please – hear me out. I’m here to de-bunk the mysteries of networking for GenY-ers once and for all. Hopefully, this is the last post you ever have to read about networking.

I have become pretty convinced that we have been over-thinking and over-teaching the whole concept of networking. It’s really…

View original post 795 more words

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Exciting announcement

Axis photoI am pleased to announce that I have secured access to some exciting new products and services through the good people at Axis Finance Corp. Rodney Brennan, business manager of Axis Finance Corp was very excited to learn of all the great products and services that my company has to offer in the areas of education and business training services. We both agree that the synergies between our two businesses makes us a perfect fit to serve both of our respective clients.

As most of you would be aware by now the TAM group of companies including T3 Australia, The A Firm and MMI Pty Ltd provide a holistic approach to both business and Individual needs in the areas of training, education, financial management and business coaching and mentoring.

Adding Axis Finance Corp products and services to the mix further increases the list of beneficial outcomes a client can expect when working with us.

Axis Finance Corp specializes in helping their clients with:

  • Finance lending from of Australia’s leading Financial institutions
  • Insurance for whatever purpose
  • Warranties for multiple purposes

Specifically, Axis Finance Corp specializes in these three services for cars, trucks, bikes, boats, ATV’s, Plant and Machinery. They can even help you find that right vehicle or machine as they have multiple contacts in the areas of new, used and privately sourced items.

For more information you can contact me on 0407 727163 or email me at . Axis Finance Corp has great rates, flexible plans and fast approval processes and are available to any Australian resident.

Cheers Michael

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“Successful on Purpose” App for Android and Apple Phones and Tablets

Ipad app screenshot No. 4 I am very excited about our new app “Successful on Purpose”. The app has been designed to give the user hands on information about success, happiness and peace of mind.

As I discussed in my last post, a happy and successful life should be the aim of all of us if we won’t to get the most out of lives. When considering your future and the dreams and desires you are aiming for it is important to recognize that all of us need help to learn the valuable knowledge and techniques to make this happen.

Screenshot Apple Mobile. No. 2png The app is full of fantastic information to help you access the products and services our wonderful people can offer.

Download today at

Cheers Michael



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Good days and bad days


A wise man once said “There are good days and there are bad days, and sometimes it takes a long time to work out which is which”.

One of my favorite films is “Field of Dreams”. One of the poignant moments of the film is where the doctor (Burt Lancaster) had to cross out of the field of dreams to save the builder’s (Kevin Costner) daughter from choking. By walking out of the baseball park he had to give up his dream for the second time, as a youngster of playing baseball and batting with the pros. He was asked whether he was disappointed about losing his dream of playing pro-baseball and his answer was no, because that if he had realized that earlier dream he would never of become a doctor which ended up being his passion.

Life is never a journey of straight lines. It is filled with hills and valleys. The road can be smooth or suddenly filled with potholes. Sometimes roads are closed or detours are in place. Even more challenging is when the road disappears altogether or goes in directions totally unwanted.

I am guessing that nearly all of us have had journeys that have had all of these types of  challenges or have watched someone close to us travel this often frustrating road.

I have watched some much loved, respected and wonderful people have challenges and issues which I frankly wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Luckily most of us will never face issues that make us or a loved one suicide, become a paraplegic or watch their child die from an accident or disease. Most of us have issues and challenges we see as massive at the time but are usually trivial by comparison.

It is always extraordinary to watch that person that seems to have the odds overwhelmingly against them but reach levels of success that make me blush with shame at my poor efforts at being something even one quarter as good.

Everyone has their own story as to why they are successful or not. It’s often the rules and measures of success that influence our perception of success or failure. Some have standards that make it impossible to succeed, some have rules that means they practically cannot fail. For many, the concept of measuring their own lives is completely foreign to that person.  Others let life happen and trust to their perceptions of luck, the gods or fate.

Success is something that only you determine. However, success has rules and procedures that must be adhered to achieve it. Success to me is measured three ways:

  1. Happiness
  2. Joy
  3. Peace of Mind

Described simply it is being in a conscious and emotion filled place where:

  • You love and are loved
  • You enjoy your daily activities and derive satisfaction, purpose and accomplishment from your work, rest and play
  • You live where you want, with whom, how you want and do what you want, when you want
  • You have the resources ( assets and finances) to choose your life and not have to earn a “living”
  • You feel healthy and in control of your mind, body and soul

My experience tells me that unless all five areas are in balance and that you feel comfortable about your results, you are not in that place where your life could be the absolute joy it could be.

Our organization is based around enabling us to help you achieve the happiness, joy and peace of mind you deserve. Our products, services and dedicated team of experts in the areas of education including formal, informal, personal development and in life skills are ready to serve your needs in these areas.

Getting back to my earlier point of good days and bad days, it is in the end, your reaction to these events that determine your success and happiness. Winning the lotto, losing your job or watching a love one die does not make these days, good or bad. You might win the lotto but not know how to handle this windfall and in the end make your life miserable. Losing your job may just be the spurt to have a new career that puts you on the road to success. Losing a loved one, while being incredibly sad and upsetting may spur you on to achieve greatness in their memory, which you know would make them feel proud of their legacy.

You have the power to choose, ultimately is the message of this article. No one is saying that challenges and problems may not make your life and the path to success and happiness difficult. It’s your choices that will make all the difference.

Choose wisely.

Cheers Michael

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We are taking applications for over fifties funding, today!!!!!

funny-old-people-playing-video-games Over fifties required for training grants of up to $4400. To qualify,  all you have to do is meet these simple criteria.

  1. Are you over fifty years of age?
  2. Are you employed by an ABN holder, and your employer is happy to support you?
  3. Or, are you the holder of an ABN such as a small business owner or partner in a company?

If you answered yes to questions 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 you have a very good chance of receiving funding to receive a qualification relevant to your to your current role.

“Investing in Experience” is a Government scheme designed to keep older Australians in the workplace and with their small businesses. T3 Australia has experts on hand now to help you with the application. You will be assessed regarding your job role and the most appropriate qualification selected for your requirements.

Once approval has been granted you will be given a comprehensive assessment of your knowledge to match the essential units of competency required. By way of example let’s use a case study to explain how the training occurs.

Mary is a 56 year old administrative manager of a major retail store. Mary has worked for the same company for many years, working her way from the shop floor as a junior and now manages the accounts and administrative team out the back of the store.

Mary has never received any formal qualifications but has learnt her craft through on the job experience and some informal training workshops when needed. Mary is highly experienced in the systems and processes of the business.

Mary and her employer have agreed to apply for the “Investing in Experience” funding. Contacting T3 Australia they have assessed and then helped Mary apply for funding to do a Diploma of Management. Her job these days is largely about managing staff so this qualification was seen as most appropriate. Funding of $3,300 was approved a few weeks later.

The first step of the process is to conduct an RPL ( Recognition of Prior Learning) process. This involves finding evidence that matches the required knowledge and skills from Mary’s work and personal history. Mary, having spent many years in her role has all the required knowledge, skills and evidence necessary. After a couple of months of checking Mary’s RPL, T3 Australia awarded her a Diploma of Management. A few weeks later a further $1,100 was approved and sent to the business.

If an applicant does not have all the required knowledge and skills, training in that area is undertaken where gaps are found.

This is a really great opportunity for over 50’s and T3 Australia makes the process so easy to apply for. Don’t miss out.

Contact me today at

Cheers Michael

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3 important ideas to improve your success

100% at workI can’t understand why anybody would stay in a job they didn’t enjoy. In a world of so many opportunities why settle for just any old way to earn a living.

I am constantly amazed at how many people say to me ” I hate my work/job/boss” or in fact all three. I usually ask them, why do you stay there?

I get many answers to that question such as:

  • I need the money
  • Other jobs are hard to find
  • I don’t have any other skills
  • Bosses just expect you to work for pittance
  • Etc. Etc.

Basically there are a million reasons people give. I think though, there is one common factor that fuels resistance to changing your work circumstances and that issue is “YOUR COMFORT ZONE”

Many of you would be familiar with the concept of the “comfort zone”. You know that lovely place where opportunity meets resistance and resistance wins. Yes, I would like to earn more. Yes, I would like work that’s fun and exciting. Yes, I’d like to learn new skills. But, no, that new place might be just a bit too challenging and a bit scary.

The difference between a highly successful individual and the average person is the size of their comfort zone. It has nothing to do with your looks, height, weight, brains or upbringing. Sure these things can count against you. My modeling career never came to anything being a skinny, freckly faced redhead with a body that clothes sort of hung off. There are plenty of examples of people who have had great success despite handicaps that ordinarily one would think would mean a life of failure.

If you don’t have the money, success or joy you feel you deserve it will almost certainly be your inability to stretch yourself. To have the courage to fail, but to never give up when success eludes you.

So how do you make your comfort zone bigger.

  1. Decide too. Self improvement and personal development don’t just happen. It is a conscious process driven by knowledge. The more you learn about strategies to stretch your comfort zone the more you can develop a plan of action to implement to change your circumstances.
  2. Acknowledge your discomfort. Think long and hard about what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Get a piece of paper and divide it in two. At the top of each side write” What makes me happy” and “What makes me unhappy”. The happy side will identify what makes you happy and what you want more of. The unhappy side will identify those areas we need to eliminate from our life. We should now be able to take this information and identify what we want more of and what we want less of. Use this to do step three which is:
  3. Set Goals. Yes, the old “set goals again” mantra. Most of us never set goals for the really important things we want in our lives, but use small goals everyday to get our stuff done. Some of us have the great ambition to watch TV, lounge on the sofa and chill out. Well, if that is your goal it is certainly very easy to achieve. It hardly however, earns you more income, helps build relationships or empowers you to find work that excites and rewards you for what you are capable of, or deserve.  Find ten big things you would like to achieve over the next year. Look at that list everyday, at least three times a day. Change them if you need to if your desires change. Put pictures up around your house to remind you of what you want. Most of all, get them fixed in your mind as your ultimate desire.

My organization helps people overcome their fears and has the knowledge and tools to help you become someone you never thought you could become. For more information on stretching your comfort zone email me today at or visit our website at .

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4 key ideas to becoming “The best you can be”

LookingTALLagency are proud to declare that we help people become “The best they can be”.  So what does that mean?

I think in general it can be summed up in one word “Happiness”. The Collins Online Dictionary says that happiness means “contentment; the quality or state of feeling, showing, or expressing joy; the quality or state of being pleased”

True happiness stems from having your life going well for you in all areas. Sure, life throws everybody some problems and challenges, sometimes dramatically now and then. Usually however, these things fall into two general categories:

  1.        Things that we can control
  2.        Things that are out of our control


This post will give you some tips and ideas on point 1. Those things you can control.


  1. Your time: If there is one thing we can’t control is how much time we have on this planet. Yes, we can live a healthy life and look after ourselves to maximize our time but unfortunately sometimes when your numbers up, your numbers up. However, we can do something about the time we have. Time management is something that the vast majority of people have trouble with. Whether that is being productive with our work, having quality recreation, spending time with family and getting our “stuff” done. Time management is a skill that can be learnt.
  2. Your finances: This causes more stress and pain then just about anything else. Most people will at some time face financial pressures. This could be too much debt, not enough income or a combination of both. Financial management is a skill that can be learnt.
  3. Your Career: Who wants to spend 8 hours or more of our day doing something that we don’t enjoy. I know I don’t. I hear so many people who tell me they have a “JOB”. A “JOB” someone once told me stands for “Just Over Broke”. To reach true financial independence and to do something that you enjoy you actually do have a choice. You can choose to re-educate yourself and start a new career, start or buy a business, become an investor or indeed do all three. The happiest people I know do all three. They have a business, they have a role in the business (educated in a career or profession) and invest savings into their future financial security. All three things are skills that can be learnt.
  4. Your relationships: Relationships are never easy. The truth is, most of us have some difficulties, whether that is with your family, loved ones, work colleagues or friends. Understanding why people do what they do and why, can help enormously in our relationships and like the previous points is a skill that can be learnt.

So obviously the main point of this article is:

Success is all about learning new skills and applying the strategies learnt. Your time, finances, career and relationships are the most important things in securing your happiness and for those you love and support.  If you or a loved one are unhappy or dissatisfied in most cases either these four issues or a combination of several will be the root cause/s.

TALLagency are proud to offer products and services in these four areas that can put you on the path to happiness and success. Best of all we help you assess your skills and knowledge in these areas and suggest the best options to improve and become “the best you can be”.

For more information contact us today to start your journey to joy and happiness.


Cheers Michael

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