We are taking applications for over fifties funding, today!!!!!

funny-old-people-playing-video-games Over fifties required for training grants of up to $4400. To qualify,  all you have to do is meet these simple criteria.

  1. Are you over fifty years of age?
  2. Are you employed by an ABN holder, and your employer is happy to support you?
  3. Or, are you the holder of an ABN such as a small business owner or partner in a company?

If you answered yes to questions 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 you have a very good chance of receiving funding to receive a qualification relevant to your to your current role.

“Investing in Experience” is a Government scheme designed to keep older Australians in the workplace and with their small businesses. T3 Australia has experts on hand now to help you with the application. You will be assessed regarding your job role and the most appropriate qualification selected for your requirements.

Once approval has been granted you will be given a comprehensive assessment of your knowledge to match the essential units of competency required. By way of example let’s use a case study to explain how the training occurs.

Mary is a 56 year old administrative manager of a major retail store. Mary has worked for the same company for many years, working her way from the shop floor as a junior and now manages the accounts and administrative team out the back of the store.

Mary has never received any formal qualifications but has learnt her craft through on the job experience and some informal training workshops when needed. Mary is highly experienced in the systems and processes of the business.

Mary and her employer have agreed to apply for the “Investing in Experience” funding. Contacting T3 Australia they have assessed and then helped Mary apply for funding to do a Diploma of Management. Her job these days is largely about managing staff so this qualification was seen as most appropriate. Funding of $3,300 was approved a few weeks later.

The first step of the process is to conduct an RPL ( Recognition of Prior Learning) process. This involves finding evidence that matches the required knowledge and skills from Mary’s work and personal history. Mary, having spent many years in her role has all the required knowledge, skills and evidence necessary. After a couple of months of checking Mary’s RPL, T3 Australia awarded her a Diploma of Management. A few weeks later a further $1,100 was approved and sent to the business.

If an applicant does not have all the required knowledge and skills, training in that area is undertaken where gaps are found.

This is a really great opportunity for over 50’s and T3 Australia makes the process so easy to apply for. Don’t miss out.

Contact me today at Michael@t3australia.com.au

Cheers Michael

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