Does life happen to you or do you make your life happen?

Joanne our CEO at T3 Australia lent me some wonderful CD’s featuring the Canadian success coach Brian Tracy. Being a big fan of Tony Robbins I really looked forward to listening to Brian as Joanne raved about how good he was.  I must say how impressed I am with the content. While having much in common with Tony’s coaching his no-nonsense style and the clarity with which he explains his ideas and concepts is impressive. Having just completed the drive (again) from Townsville to Brisbane and back some 28 hours of driving, I had plenty of time to listen to Brian’s CD’s.

What struck me is my failure (which I’m sure most of you can relate too) in letting my life drift at times.  You know the feelings. Apathy, procrastination, reaction to the latest crisis to hit your life etc. ,etc..

Brian says quite early in the dialogue “that life is not easy”. He believes accepting this central truth is critical in making things easier for yourself. It helps you to understand that you have two possible ways of conducting your life. You can:

  1. Let life happen to you. Accept what comes along as your lot in life. Get up in the morning to do your “groundhog” day and then go to bed. Do this day after day until you either die of illness, boredom or worst.
  2. Or you can choose your life. Carefully planning your life with specific goals, aspirations and values that enable you to live a life of comfort, joy and satisfaction.

So what do you do and more importantly what do you want out of your life?

The key word your need in your life is “choice”. You have the power to choose your life in many areas. Here are the top 7 choices that will help in making your life better:

  1. Choose to be and to pursue happiness. This is easier said, then done. The key point is happiness is not something that happens to you. It is something that your create inside yourself and feel. It is a choice. One person can see a situation and feel great joy and happiness while another can see it as a disaster and painful. Choose to see the glass as half full. Look for every opportunity to make the pursuit of happiness a priority in your life and your relationships.
  2. Choose to be positive. In a world of negativity and influences that promotes the negative side of life you need to choose carefully what you allow yourself to be influenced by. The media, politicians and vested interests have specific objectives to make you feel scared and negative about the world.
  3. Choose how you react to situations. Avoid anger. Anger solves nothing and you must recognise that it is a choice to feel this way. Your interpretation of a situation influences how you react. Be more of an observer of situations. Ask better questions like “why is this happening?” or “ is there something else behind this situation?’
  4. Choose your friends. Negative people drag you down with them. You will reflect those you hang around with. Smile with smilers, complain with complainers, gossip with gossips, achieve with achievers.
  5. Choose to be proactive. Design your life. Have plans and goals. Educate yourself. Leave your crappy employer. Find a more satisfying work situation. Importantly, get rid of any situation that disempowers you and go for the life you want.
  6. Choose to procrastinate about procrastination. Tell yourself you don’t have time to procrastinate anymore. There are too many things to do in your new designer life. Opportunities to pursue, troubles and challenges to head off at the pass.
  7. Choose to serve and love people. Life is a two way street. What you put in will always come back in equal amounts, no more, no less. Relationships are the most important thing in life whether it is with your partner, children, friends, colleagues or business. Nothing more will make you happy than strong, passionate and interdependent relationships. Nothing.

Choose to stop wishing, complaining and waiting for the next disaster. There are so many resources available to help you start getting what you want out of life. Our organisation is in the happiness business. We strive to help people become something more than they ever imagined.

Do you want to improve your lifestyle, find a new job, be educated, become financially independent and most of all become someone who is happy?

Contact me at to begin your journey today.

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1 Response to Choices

  1. John Whiting says:

    Wait, you mean to tell me wishing, complaining, and waiting aren’t the way to succes?!?! Haha great content. It all comes back to serving and loving people. Keep up the good stuff!

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