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Friday Funny (well maybe not so funny) – XKCD takes on the real climate threat

There are a lot of things to worry about in life. Global warming is not one of them. Imagine when the next Ice Age hits sometime in the next few thousand years if the sequence of Ice Ages continues as … Continue reading

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Education Reforms— I don’t understand the logic

 Lots of stories this week about the Australian Governments new reforms, especially about taking money from higher education to put into school aged children. Really, I have to ask. Who is happy with any of our education systems at present? … Continue reading

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Wise words from Tony Robbins

 I make no secret of the fact that Tony Robbins has been the greatest influence on my life. I have listened to his tapes and CD’s for going on 14 years or so. No one has taught me more about … Continue reading

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Falling for the prevailing narrative

What’s you opinion? I am often struck dumb by what passes for news these days. It’s hard sorting fact from fiction with the explosion in information available. The Internet is great to find stuff out, don’t get me wrong, but … Continue reading

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