The next move

Chess move Decisions, Decisions, Descisions.

Is there anything harder in life than to make a decision? Some I know are easy. Eat lunch, drink water, smile at a baby……………… or hard, saying goodbye forever, quitting your job, buying a house……….

Have you ever thought that life is really just a series of decisions one after another? Making decisions can be one of the most stressful situations we face in life. Making a decision that has consquences that adversily effects your life are the ones that create stress and upset in our lives.

All of us face massive decisions  that mean our lives change forever.  Change of work, starting or ending a relationship or committing to a major project see many of us dither about changing from one position to another.  Most of us will have a love hate relationship with making decisions. This will have a lot to do with our comfort zone.

Your comfort zone in reality is where you cross the line where making decisions is realitively easy and the point where they become harder. The larger you comfort zone the more able you are to make decisions confidently and without too much stress. People with small comfort zones find it difficult to make decisions as they will have to push through the barrier and be forced to make their comfort zone bigger.

Making confident and competent decisions is not easy. In a world of information overload making decisions is becoming harder as we have to decifer which is  poor information and what is to be trusted. Regardless of whatever you want to know someone, somewhere will have an opinion. Trusting what is right is the big issue.

Our company T3 Australia knows that getting good information to make informed decisions is one of the greatest challenges people face. Our experts are great at finding and delivering reliable and up to date information to help you in the key areas of your life, your work, personal development and life isssues.

Endeavour to make your comfort zone bigger and learn the skills to making better decisions today.

Cheers Michael


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