GoalsThe TALLagency is a human resources company that is dedicated to finding the best products available to develop individuals and businesses. Through the resources of T3 Australia Pty Ltd, The A Firm and MMI Pty Ltd and others partners the TALLagency offers training, qualifications, recruitment, wealth creation and personal development plus a host of other products all designed to educate.

Michael Rowley is the CEO of the TALLagency and is also Director of T3 Learning Pty Ltd an Australian Training Company which is part of the T3Australia.com.au group of companies. Michael believes strongly in training and education to improve all parts of an individuals life. Only through education can an individual prosper in a rapidly changing world. The constant change presents massive challenges to everyone in their work, family and financial life.

This blog will explore education in respect to helping people be the best they can be.

Michael Rowley Michael Rowley CEO of the TALLagency  Contact him at michael@t3australia.com.au or Australian mobile No. 0407727163

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