Good days and bad days


A wise man once said “There are good days and there are bad days, and sometimes it takes a long time to work out which is which”.

One of my favorite films is “Field of Dreams”. One of the poignant moments of the film is where the doctor (Burt Lancaster) had to cross out of the field of dreams to save the builder’s (Kevin Costner) daughter from choking. By walking out of the baseball park he had to give up his dream for the second time, as a youngster of playing baseball and batting with the pros. He was asked whether he was disappointed about losing his dream of playing pro-baseball and his answer was no, because that if he had realized that earlier dream he would never of become a doctor which ended up being his passion.

Life is never a journey of straight lines. It is filled with hills and valleys. The road can be smooth or suddenly filled with potholes. Sometimes roads are closed or detours are in place. Even more challenging is when the road disappears altogether or goes in directions totally unwanted.

I am guessing that nearly all of us have had journeys that have had all of these types of  challenges or have watched someone close to us travel this often frustrating road.

I have watched some much loved, respected and wonderful people have challenges and issues which I frankly wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Luckily most of us will never face issues that make us or a loved one suicide, become a paraplegic or watch their child die from an accident or disease. Most of us have issues and challenges we see as massive at the time but are usually trivial by comparison.

It is always extraordinary to watch that person that seems to have the odds overwhelmingly against them but reach levels of success that make me blush with shame at my poor efforts at being something even one quarter as good.

Everyone has their own story as to why they are successful or not. It’s often the rules and measures of success that influence our perception of success or failure. Some have standards that make it impossible to succeed, some have rules that means they practically cannot fail. For many, the concept of measuring their own lives is completely foreign to that person.  Others let life happen and trust to their perceptions of luck, the gods or fate.

Success is something that only you determine. However, success has rules and procedures that must be adhered to achieve it. Success to me is measured three ways:

  1. Happiness
  2. Joy
  3. Peace of Mind

Described simply it is being in a conscious and emotion filled place where:

  • You love and are loved
  • You enjoy your daily activities and derive satisfaction, purpose and accomplishment from your work, rest and play
  • You live where you want, with whom, how you want and do what you want, when you want
  • You have the resources ( assets and finances) to choose your life and not have to earn a “living”
  • You feel healthy and in control of your mind, body and soul

My experience tells me that unless all five areas are in balance and that you feel comfortable about your results, you are not in that place where your life could be the absolute joy it could be.

Our organization is based around enabling us to help you achieve the happiness, joy and peace of mind you deserve. Our products, services and dedicated team of experts in the areas of education including formal, informal, personal development and in life skills are ready to serve your needs in these areas.

Getting back to my earlier point of good days and bad days, it is in the end, your reaction to these events that determine your success and happiness. Winning the lotto, losing your job or watching a love one die does not make these days, good or bad. You might win the lotto but not know how to handle this windfall and in the end make your life miserable. Losing your job may just be the spurt to have a new career that puts you on the road to success. Losing a loved one, while being incredibly sad and upsetting may spur you on to achieve greatness in their memory, which you know would make them feel proud of their legacy.

You have the power to choose, ultimately is the message of this article. No one is saying that challenges and problems may not make your life and the path to success and happiness difficult. It’s your choices that will make all the difference.

Choose wisely.

Cheers Michael

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