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Social Media— where will it end?

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…………………………. how many sites do you use and what for? I am really interested to know!!! I found the idea of social media not that attractive as little as six months ago. Why would I want to share … Continue reading

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Education Reforms— I don’t understand the logic

 Lots of stories this week about the Australian Governments new reforms, especially about taking money from higher education to put into school aged children. Really, I have to ask. Who is happy with any of our education systems at present? … Continue reading

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Freeman Dyson speaks out about climate science, and fudge

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Climatologists Are No Einsteins, Says His Successor by Paul Mulshine, The Star Ledger via the GWPF English: Freeman Dyson (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Freeman Dyson is a physicist who has been teaching at the Institute for…

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Everything is a game

 The world operates on games, strategy and competing. From the tiniest organism to the human experience those who are strong, gather the most resources and have the best strategy are the winners. If we were to bring life down to it’s … Continue reading

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Leadership– The news of the day

 Today as I write this, Julia Gillard  has announced a leadership spill for the Leadership of the ALP Government. The vote will decide who will be Prime Minister and take the party to the next election. It has got me contemplating what … Continue reading

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Falling for the prevailing narrative

What’s you opinion? I am often struck dumb by what passes for news these days. It’s hard sorting fact from fiction with the explosion in information available. The Internet is great to find stuff out, don’t get me wrong, but … Continue reading

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