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Buy Myself

It is always instructional to sit back and have a look at things from a different perspective. One of the hardest things to do is be objective about yourself. We all have a self-image which we use in our daily … Continue reading

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Origin stars doing some great work

  I had the pleasure of visiting the FOGs (Former Origin Greats) Indigenous Employment & Careers Expo yesterday in Townsville. I had never been to one before and I must say I was impressed at the quality of the displays … Continue reading

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RPL— Are you missing out? Extract 3 from my new eBook

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a process to award eligible people a Certificate or Diploma without the need to study or do training. RPL recognizes skills and knowledge gathered over the years of working, serving the community or … Continue reading

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Procrastination In Our Twenties & Why We Need To End It

Originally posted on Gen Y Girl:
  I save EVERYTHING for the last possible minute.   And so the award for world’s biggest procrastinator goes to…ME!   It’s a terrible habbit, I know.   But I’ve been doing a lot…

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The future—7 steps to re-inventing your life

I always laugh at Horoscopes, Fortune tellers and Psychics. Honestly, how can anybody with a grain of sense believe in this stuff. Leaving your destiny in the hands of someone with dodgy advice who tells you stars, spirits and “hocus pocus” have … Continue reading

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Why Provide Effective Internal Training?

  Another great article from my coach and mentor Marty Morris. Enjoy!!!! Cheers Michael Why Provide Effective Internal Training Internal training and development leaps the huge barriers that encumber external training. It reflects a solid knowledge of the organization’s culture. Internal … Continue reading

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Be The Little Fish! (Why It’s Good To Be Around People Who Are Better Than You)

Originally posted on Gen Y Girl:
I’m kind of a failure sometimes. Like today… I wanted to work out. So I went to CrossFit only to remember that the class I was planning on joining had been changed to an…

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Does life happen to you or do you make your life happen? Joanne our CEO at T3 Australia lent me some wonderful CD’s featuring the Canadian success coach Brian Tracy. Being a big fan of Tony Robbins I really looked … Continue reading

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Climbing to success

 I am in debt to Marty Morris for sharing this wonderful inspirational story. Cheers Michael Stop and listen carefully to what some of the people around you are saying. Many of them express regret because they backed off from their … Continue reading

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Relax —7 ways to reduce your stress levels as a business owner.

Owning a business can be one of the most rewarding activities an individual can do. The attraction of business ownership is to have: The power to create and implement your plans, dreams and shape your destiny Financial wealth and independence … Continue reading

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