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Procrastination In Our Twenties & Why We Need To End It

Originally posted on Gen Y Girl:
  I save EVERYTHING for the last possible minute.   And so the award for world’s biggest procrastinator goes to…ME!   It’s a terrible habbit, I know.   But I’ve been doing a lot…

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Why Provide Effective Internal Training?

  Another great article from my coach and mentor Marty Morris. Enjoy!!!! Cheers Michael Why Provide Effective Internal Training Internal training and development leaps the huge barriers that encumber external training. It reflects a solid knowledge of the organization’s culture. Internal … Continue reading

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Be The Little Fish! (Why It’s Good To Be Around People Who Are Better Than You)

Originally posted on Gen Y Girl:
I’m kind of a failure sometimes. Like today… I wanted to work out. So I went to CrossFit only to remember that the class I was planning on joining had been changed to an…

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Climbing to success

 I am in debt to Marty Morris for sharing this wonderful inspirational story. Cheers Michael Stop and listen carefully to what some of the people around you are saying. Many of them express regret because they backed off from their … Continue reading

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That stimulation in your underwear!!!!!

Hold the phone. Love the latest in technology? Want to have stimulating conversations over the Internet? Skype meetings too boring? Well, do I have the product for you. Fundawear!!!!! Now in case you think I have been hanging around dodgy websites getting … Continue reading

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Book Review- Princess Avenger

Originally posted on bernadette rowley:
     Introducing Dr Monique’s review of Princess Avenger Looking for a book in which to escape the everyday rush, the stresses of work, the worries of tomorrow?  A book to entertain the mind, get your…

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Wise words from Tony Robbins

 I make no secret of the fact that Tony Robbins has been the greatest influence on my life. I have listened to his tapes and CD’s for going on 14 years or so. No one has taught me more about … Continue reading

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Freeman Dyson speaks out about climate science, and fudge

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Climatologists Are No Einsteins, Says His Successor by Paul Mulshine, The Star Ledger via the GWPF English: Freeman Dyson (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Freeman Dyson is a physicist who has been teaching at the Institute for…

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Falling for the prevailing narrative

What’s you opinion? I am often struck dumb by what passes for news these days. It’s hard sorting fact from fiction with the explosion in information available. The Internet is great to find stuff out, don’t get me wrong, but … Continue reading

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