4 key ideas to becoming “The best you can be”

LookingTALLagency are proud to declare that we help people become “The best they can be”.  So what does that mean?

I think in general it can be summed up in one word “Happiness”. The Collins Online Dictionary says that happiness means “contentment; the quality or state of feeling, showing, or expressing joy; the quality or state of being pleased”

True happiness stems from having your life going well for you in all areas. Sure, life throws everybody some problems and challenges, sometimes dramatically now and then. Usually however, these things fall into two general categories:

  1.        Things that we can control
  2.        Things that are out of our control


This post will give you some tips and ideas on point 1. Those things you can control.


  1. Your time: If there is one thing we can’t control is how much time we have on this planet. Yes, we can live a healthy life and look after ourselves to maximize our time but unfortunately sometimes when your numbers up, your numbers up. However, we can do something about the time we have. Time management is something that the vast majority of people have trouble with. Whether that is being productive with our work, having quality recreation, spending time with family and getting our “stuff” done. Time management is a skill that can be learnt.
  2. Your finances: This causes more stress and pain then just about anything else. Most people will at some time face financial pressures. This could be too much debt, not enough income or a combination of both. Financial management is a skill that can be learnt.
  3. Your Career: Who wants to spend 8 hours or more of our day doing something that we don’t enjoy. I know I don’t. I hear so many people who tell me they have a “JOB”. A “JOB” someone once told me stands for “Just Over Broke”. To reach true financial independence and to do something that you enjoy you actually do have a choice. You can choose to re-educate yourself and start a new career, start or buy a business, become an investor or indeed do all three. The happiest people I know do all three. They have a business, they have a role in the business (educated in a career or profession) and invest savings into their future financial security. All three things are skills that can be learnt.
  4. Your relationships: Relationships are never easy. The truth is, most of us have some difficulties, whether that is with your family, loved ones, work colleagues or friends. Understanding why people do what they do and why, can help enormously in our relationships and like the previous points is a skill that can be learnt.

So obviously the main point of this article is:

Success is all about learning new skills and applying the strategies learnt. Your time, finances, career and relationships are the most important things in securing your happiness and for those you love and support.  If you or a loved one are unhappy or dissatisfied in most cases either these four issues or a combination of several will be the root cause/s.

TALLagency are proud to offer products and services in these four areas that can put you on the path to happiness and success. Best of all we help you assess your skills and knowledge in these areas and suggest the best options to improve and become “the best you can be”.

For more information contact us today to start your journey to joy and happiness.


Cheers Michael

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