RPL— Are you missing out? Extract 3 from my new eBook

Learn Lead EarnRecognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a process to award eligible people a Certificate or Diploma without the need to study or do training. RPL recognizes skills and knowledge gathered over the years of working, serving the community or other training and studying undertaken.

In this extract I describe some of the process and important information you need to know if you think RPL might be for you.

(Please also note that RPL can be very cost effective as well with qualifications costing in the range of a few hundred up to around a thousand dollars depending on the qualification. Email me at Michael@tallagencyaustralia.com or visit http://tallagencyaustralia.com for more information)

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and RCC (Recognition of Current Competencies) are processes or methods used to recognise the skills and knowledge someone has gained through previous studies, work and life experiences or through a current workplace role.  Qualified and experienced RPL coaches work with you to assess your existing knowledge and skills to determine if you are already competent in some of the subject areas or competencies covered in your desired qualification. The RPL system significantly reduces the time, money and effort required in the achievement of a Nationally Recognised Qualification for eligible candidates.

This process recognises the skills and knowledge that you may have gained on-the-job, in your life experience and through formal training. Some people have worked successfully for years in occupations but have not completed any formal qualifications, despite having all the required skills and knowledge.

An RPL /RCC assessment process might include a review of the following:

  • Any paid or unpaid work undertaken
  • Work undertaken for a community or voluntary organization
  • Experience gained in Australia and overseas
  • Formal or informal on-the-job training
  • Work experience in occupations not directly related to the qualification you are seeking
  • Experience gained from hobbies or sport and leisure activities.
  • Formal qualifications from a TAFE, university, school or other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia
  • Qualifications gained overseas may be carefully considered but need to be certified and must be in English or translated into English.

A student may apply for recognition of up to and including 100% of a qualification or course. Where Skills Gaps are identified, the student is required to complete the relevant units of study prior to completion of the qualification

Benefits of Recognition

There are many benefits to undertaking an RPL program including:

  • Recognition for what you already know
  • Obtain a qualification in a shorter period of time
  • Reduced training workload or requirement
  • Potential for 100% Course Recognition
  • Obtaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification

RPL is a great option if you are an experienced employee or employer.

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