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Climbing to success

 I am in debt to Marty Morris for sharing this wonderful inspirational story. Cheers Michael Stop and listen carefully to what some of the people around you are saying. Many of them express regret because they backed off from their … Continue reading

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That stimulation in your underwear!!!!!

Hold the phone. Love the latest in technology? Want to have stimulating conversations over the Internet? Skype meetings too boring? Well, do I have the product for you. Fundawear!!!!! Now in case you think I have been hanging around dodgy websites getting … Continue reading

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Not to do List??

Originally posted on bernadette rowley:
My friend Martin Morris sent me this and I thought it was worth sharing, no matter what you do for a living.   8 Things You Should Not Do Every Day It’s for your own…

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Social Media— where will it end?

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…………………………. how many sites do you use and what for? I am really interested to know!!! I found the idea of social media not that attractive as little as six months ago. Why would I want to share … Continue reading

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Education Reforms— I don’t understand the logic

 Lots of stories this week about the Australian Governments new reforms, especially about taking money from higher education to put into school aged children. Really, I have to ask. Who is happy with any of our education systems at present? … Continue reading

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Some great thoughts on email marketing Cheers Michael

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Taking risks

 Marcos Ambrose is one of my sporting idols. He wasn’t always my favorite driver when he was still racing V8 supercars in Australia before moving to the US to race Nascar many years ago. What I admire about him is the risk … Continue reading

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Leadership– The news of the day

 Today as I write this, Julia Gillard  has announced a leadership spill for the Leadership of the ALP Government. The vote will decide who will be Prime Minister and take the party to the next election. It has got me contemplating what … Continue reading

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Don’t do your homework and you go home

 Interesting times in Australian cricket. Four players have been dropped for the next test because apparently they failed to complete a written report on how they would contribute to the team effort after two bad losses. Much has been written … Continue reading

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Thunderbirds are Go!!!

 I am a Thunderbirds fan. Many of you would not realise that this show was made in the year 1964, 49 years ago. Saturday morning at 6am on the Nine network station Go, the Thunderbirds are a must watch if I … Continue reading

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