My new eBook— Extract Part 2

canstockphoto10046714Another extract from my eBook Choosing the right qualifications for individuals and business success”.

Cheers Michael

Taking the step to do a qualification is a life changing decision. Many students find their world opening up with a new sense of wonder and exploration knowing that they are capable of studying and that the process is enjoyable and confidence boosting.

Study also brings with it skills that you can apply in your life. In the business and administrative area many of the units are in the area of people skills. Understanding how to deal with customers, face unpleasant experience, work in teams and developing a learning environment are skills and knowledge that can help you in your own life.

Gaining an understanding of business is also valuable as it teaches you the principles of income and expenditure. Knowing this knowledge is also applicable in your own life. In a nation where debt and uncertain employment can have a detrimental effect on your future treating your economic life as a “business” gives a different perspective on your finances. What are your assets? What investments in your future should you be making? What do I need to retire?

Answering the questions raised in this section will help you gain insights into what may be your ideal qualification.  Use your answers in the next section, “Choosing my qualification”

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