My new eBook —- Some extracts Part 1

Books_iStock_ The eBook is about helping individuals, businesses and HR managers learn more about the Vocational Sector in plain easy to understand language. In an age when our workplace is in a constant state of change, education and learning is becoming increasingly important for the individual to stay relevant in the workforce. It is estimated that someone in their early twenties may have 6 or 7 different careers during their lifetime. To cope with the constant change it is important that individuals become comfortable with the concept of continuing education. For business and HR managers it is critical that they have an understanding of the Vocational System and all its’ complexity for future planning. This applies to any sized business from the one man operation through to the largest multi-national. Also of importance is to understand that the Australian Federal and various State Governments consider workforce training to be a critical part of our countries future success. With that in mind there are various forms of Government help available that may pay for or offset the cost of training in the Vocational system. This applies to eligible candidates regardless of their work situation, for example:

  • Unemployed 
  • Employees 
  • Small business owners and Directors of Companies

Understanding the vocational system makes you better able to plan your future regardless whether you are an individual or business. Being comfortable with training and its’ processes will be key for future success. I hope you enjoyed this short extract. Contact me at if you would like a copy or visit my website at  fill in the form and I will get it to you ASAP. Cheers Michael

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