Business Administration— 7 reasons why it is a great all-round qualification

Learn Lead EarnI am often asked what would be a great all round qualification to do. I believe that if you are lacking in skills and want to get employment, or want your skills recognized through RPL ( Recognition of Prior Learning) if you have worked in an office situation, you can’t beat a Certificate in Business Administration.

7 great reasons why !!!

  1. The course covers all the essential aspects of working in any office situation. This includes by way of example advanced computer skills, customer service, creating documents, storing information, using technology, teamwork and understanding people in general.
  2. Almost every business that starts employing people always needs the most help with office skills. Just think how much complexity businesses are faced with and the need to keep track of information, handle enquiries and answer phones and emails. A great office person is a godsend for a business especially one who has the skills to work independently.
  3.  It is a stepping stone to higher education. For those working for a long time in admin they usually wish to increase their responsibilities and their income. If you have never studied a Certificate before,  Business Administration is a great qualification to break you into the habit and processes of study. Afterwards, you may want to move on to a Diploma of Management or Business to enhance your promotion or to get that great new job you have always dreamed about.
  4. The qualification for eligible students attracts funding for lots of people. Whether you a school-based trainee, doing a traineeship, over 50 years of age and in the case of many other examples, funding could mean that your qualification’s cost is either fully or partially offset by Government funding.
  5. It’s online. No more Monday nights (or whenever) in a classroom listening to some boring trainer drone on about heaven’s knows what or having to pace the work to the slowest learner. You can work independently, at your own pace wherever and whenever you want to. Whether at home or dedicated time at work all that you require is a computer and an Internet connection. It’s that simple. Besides online training is interesting and engaging.
  6. You will feel a sense of accomplishment. Having a certificate with your name on it brings a feeling of self-confidence and the opportunity to feel good about yourself. Most of us suffer from “Too Old Syndrome”. You know that old saying about “teaching an old dog new tricks”. Get your skills recognized (RPL) to show what you are capable of and what your skills and knowledge are.
  7. You will find your new skills and knowledge are applicable in your personal life. Training has a deeply personal aspect to it that most people miss. Learning about people, why they do things, handling unpleasant issues, understanding more about team work  and most importantly of all, understanding yourself are great steps towards you growing as a person. “For me learning and growing are the most important things you will ever do.”  This is a habit too many have lost or dismiss as unimportant. Your future happiness is based around your job, your income and your relationships. Don’t you think that this is too important to ignore?

For more information on this great qualification and how you can take advantage of this great opportunity visit my website at and learn more of what I can do for you.

Cheers Michael

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