Social Media— where will it end?

facebook_like_button_big1 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…………………………. how many sites do you use and what for? I am really interested to know!!!

I found the idea of social media not that attractive as little as six months ago. Why would I want to share every little tidbit of information with everybody and frankly who would care anyhow. I didn’t really get it!!! As it is Twitter is a mystery I haven’t worked out. Sure I know how to tweet, follow and read the tweets but I can’t really find a proper use for my work interests.

Facebook is a bit more straight forward and actually quite enjoyable. I think some poeple share too much and it really doesn’t always create a great impression. I see so much funny stuff I would like to share as my sense of humour can be a bit inpolitically incorrect and raw but my common sense says back off.

LinkedIn I get. The idea of networking with others in the various industries of interest to you is really brilliant. The protocols still have me a bit baffled. I am the sort of person who doesn’t want to waste peoples’s time, but on the other hand I want them to know what I’m doing. So this is a catch 22. I send out a few emails to people I would like to catch up with and my hit rate is okay. I would like to improve that however so any ideas would be great.

In the end, social media is so much in it’s infancy I don’t know where it’s heading. Anybody who thinks they do will almost certainly be wrong. This is such an unpredictive technology. I can see mass movements being started, new trends and fads that aren’t even a twinkle in someone’s eye yet that will take over our world.

Anyhow as a self confessed Internet junkie I’ll be here with bells on waiting to see where it all goes.

By the way, do you have  some innovative and creative ideas for marketing to use in social media. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Michael

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1 Response to Social Media— where will it end?

  1. I only blog myself. I stopped facebook a long time ago. I don’t think it is necessary to have various media sources, just to dedicate yourself to one thoroughly as I have done.

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