Everything is a game

Strategy The world operates on games, strategy and competing. From the tiniest organism to the human experience those who are strong, gather the most resources and have the best strategy are the winners. If we were to bring life down to it’s most basic we see that our survival and passing on our genes are the primary drivers of our existence and this is true of the other animals and plants we share this world with.

I personally have a strong reaction  with  two concepts which have become the catch cry of politicians and academia which fly in the face of our basic instincts.  They are:

  1. Fairness
  2. Entitlement

So why do I have a strong reaction to these two seemingly innocent words?

Both concepts become excuses to stop us from becoming the world we deserve. Fairness implies a level playing field for everyone. Sure fairness has its place. It’s not fair if there is one law for one and another for others. It’s not fair to commit crimes like murder, stealing and bullying because you are stronger, have more money or power.

What I am talking about is where achieving is seen as unfair. We see this in children’s sport where rules are created to stop “over-achieving”. We see this in laws that are made to stop people criticising others because they might be “offended” instead of vigorous debate on important issues that are needed in this country. We see Governments attacking the so-called “rich” with taxes  because it is unfair for them to make so much money ( no account for the fact they did something special to get there like take responsibility for their lives)

Fairness implies haves and have-nots. It is dis-empowering when instilled in our young because it says failure is not your fault. Don’t try, because some of us are just destined to fail. But don’t worry though because that is where “entitlement” steps in to give you a your share.

We have two general sets of people in society, those that give and those who take. Entitlement if it becomes your prominent driver empowers you to take. In Australia to be poor puts you amongst the most rich people on the Earth. Our Government provides as it should for those in desperate need. There are those who will always struggle because of their circumstances such as health, caring for love ones and disabilities.

Where it comes unstuck is where it re-distributes wealth to people who could take responsibility for their lives but asks for nothing in return or makes it easy just to opt out and do their own thing. No care given ( to our society) , no responsiblity taken, type of attitude.

Which brings me back to strategy. In what appears a turning point in our political timetable later this year what sort of policies do we want from our politicians going forward.

If the basic drivers of survival and our need for our own children are the true instinctive focus of our attention shouldn’t we being doing things that help this.

Shouldn’t our major policy priorities be:

  • Wealth creation
  • Health systems and research
  • Education that teaches children to be responsible for their own lives to the best of their ability
  • Infrastructure projects that create opportunities for wealth and contributes to our lifestyle.
  • Care for our world that recognises that humans are actually part of the ecosystem of the world and not separate from it as some environmentalists would have us believe (a blog in itself for another day)
  • A social security system that encourages people to contribute to society as well as cares for our needy.

I for one am quite sick of hearing about money being spent of issues of little to know importance or ones that play to certain parts of the community. I want to see a government that goes back to basics and provides for those basic needs of our society and lets private enterprise get on with the job of wealth creation , jobs and empowering people to be responsible for their own lives.

Time to get Government back out of our lives and back in its place as a servant not the master some politicians arrogantly want to be.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers Michael

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