What’s your excuse

definition-of-excuse When was the last time you used an excuse? I am certain I have probably used a couple already today and a few yesterday and the day before…….

Funny things excuses and their friends the little white lies. Or worst still big fat porkies to get yourself out of the deep and mirky stuff. Let’s face it we all use all three types at least some of the time. It’s human nature that we stretch the truth, use it to expand our reputation, keep ourselves out of trouble or sometimes more gently to avoid hurting someone else.

“Does my bum look big in this?”. “Well yes actually!!!” could be the truthful answer, but how many of you guys would be game to say that to your significant other? Not many I’m guessing at least if you want to live a happy successful life.

How many excuses do you use with the most important person in your life?

Excuse note

No!!! Not your partner, your child or your friend. It’s you!!! Yes that ugly mug you see in the mirror each morning. How many excuses and lies are you telling yourself?

I am guessing the main questions some of us struggle with, where we use the biggest excuses and tell ourselves the biggest porkies would be:

  • I can’t lose weight because….. ( I am big fat pig who can’t stop eating)
  • I can’t get fit because….. ( There is too much relaxing to do)
  • I can’t stop smoking because….. ( I know this guy who lived to 100 who smoked all his life)
  • I can’t stop spending money because…… ( Life is one big party isn’t it)
  • I can’t be bothered getting more skills and education because…… ( I think I’m dumb and you need luck to be successful)
  • I can’t find a partner because….. ( All men and women are b#$%^*ds)

You get the picture. A few things come to mind that prevent us from taking massive action on issues that really are vital for to you succeed in life.

  • Will power ( It’s to hard)
  • Motivation ( It’s too much to think about)
  • The critical point hasn’t been reached yet where you just have to do something (it’s not bad enough yet)
  • Failure to have goals and aspirations ( I fail to plan so I plan to fail)
  • Peer pressure ( I might look like an idiot)
  • Scared of looking stupid or a failure ( My self esteem is low enough now without looking a bigger loser)
  • Not prepared to take risks ( What fail again)

These are just a few reasons why we make excuses for our lack of responsibility. Take another look at the first image at the top of this story and ask yourself , is that me?

If so, what are you going to do about?

Cheers Michael

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