Marty Morris Profile

Marty Morris Marty Morris is one of the most impressive people I have ever met and is the subject of our first profile from our team involved in our company.

Marty can be summed up in three words, he is the “Master of Success”.

I had the fortunate experience of meeting Marty about 12 months ago and instantly he became a big part of my life. Marty has been the key instigator along with CEO Joanne Brooks behind setting up T3 Australia its structures and business planning. The business plan that he wrote in consultation with key players like Joanne about the setup and launch of the organisation was without a doubt the best I had ever seen.

Marty believes that nothing should be left to chance. Luck has little to do with ultimate success. Only careful planning, testing, measuring, benchmarks and following through with your strategy are the foundations of success. Marty is very much a big picture thinker and he is empowered by his optimism and his faith in mankind. This gives him an “everything is possible” attitude which when you hang around him becomes infectious.

He has become an important coach and mentor of mine in all areas of my life. Like most people my family and I have faced some challenges over the years. These issues can create doubt, procrastination and de-motivation which can lead to an endless downward spiral. Marty holds you to account which means excuses become useless, as in almost all circumstances are cop outs from taking responsibility for your actions and the circumstances you find yoursself in. Haven’t we all been there?

Marty’s skills are impressive and here I quote directly from his LinkedIn profile:

Martin has consistent and proven performance in project and consultancy services lending his expertise in a wide variety of settings including:
• Training and development
• Human resource management and recruitment
• Customer service
• Organisation restructuring and development
• Corporate systems and operations
• Building leadership capacity and effective dynamic  teams
• Market capitalisation
• Executive coaching in corporate and government due diligence policies and processes.

Martin has developed a unique generic performance management tool called D.R.I.F.T. ™  which can be applied in diverse business and social arenas. Martin uses this tool to teach people how to breakdown communication barriers which often exist in many business and social relationships. D.R.I.F.T. ™ focuses on a number of core principles including how to improve and increase an individual’s self esteem and potential, learning how to successfully negotiate, how to influence and manage change and how to maximise personal performance and accountability. It is particularly effective in developing leadership capacity and resilience.

Up in lights!

Image: T3 Australia sign at our head office in Sherwood

Marty’s company is MM International Pty Ltd  and is based on the Gold Coast. Marty describes his company as ” Business and Investment Educators” . Marty and his partners specialise in taking a holistic approach to helping their clients achieve their goals. The client receives one on one education and they have various plans to suit all budgets and circumstances. I am going through this process now and believe this to be the best investment I have ever made. I have goals and vision of my future that twelve months ago was unimaginable.

My greatest happiness comes from being surrounded by great people who have a similar vision and values to me. People who follow through on promises, deal honestly with each other, use open communication and give up most loyalty to each other and the team. Marty’s vision in how a business works and its structures are unique and create an atmosphere of excitement and teamwork in an organisation that I have never seen or felt before.

Finally, my invitation to you is to think about your situation and to ask yourself some important questions?

  • Is my life the best it could be or do I desire something?
  • Am I doing something significant with my life or could I achieve even more with the right information and techniques?
  • Have I discovered my passion, something that gets me up each morning with enthusiasm and a love of life?
  • Do I have the wealth and resources to do what I want with my life now or in the future?
  • Do I have choice or am I a slave to my job or business?

If you answered no, to any of the above questions, there are skills and knowledge you can acquire today through the TALLagency and its wonderful people including Marty Morris.

Today could be the first day of a new and exciting life that fires you with passion and excitement. I could do no better to inspire you than quote one of Marty’s favourite sayings, ” Ain’t it great to be alive”.

Cheers Michael

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