Driven to succeed

Townsville strand Back home in Townsville after a week on the road visiting family and friends and of course importantly networking to generate business. I took my time a bit more this time driving from Townsville to Brisbane to visit some towns I don’t go to often.

For those of you who don’t know the Queensland coast well nor had the pleasure to drive the Bruce Highway (also known as roadworks central) this area is one of the quickest developing regions in Australia. The once small regional towns of Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Maryborough/Hervey Bay are growing at a tremendous rate. Driven by the mining sector and business opportunities that come from this, these once country towns are fast turning into modern cities. I have never seen so many cranes as in Gladstone. I haven’t been there for some 25 odd years and the transformation is astounding.

While driving the 1300 plus kilometres between Brisbane and Townsville you have plenty of time to think. I like to keep myself entertained by some fast and loud music in between some inspirational and instructional CD’s. This trip featured old favourite Tony Robbins with his unique take on life in “Get the Edge” and something new for me, Frank Rumbauskas of ” Cold calling is a waste of time” fame.

I very much enjoyed Frank’s CD’s as I find sales intimidating and an uncomfortable process. Like just about everyone, that has put themselves out there, sales is outside my comfort zone. Frank’s ideas have very much put my fears at ease with his clear and clever ideas on generating leads and converting them. I highly recommend him on your must read and listen to list.

Tony Robbins is up there as one on my all time hero’s list. Both my wife and myself have had some difficult issues to deal with over our lives (like most of us) and his CD’s have been a great comfort and an inspiration to pull our socks up and get on with it. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like to have not heard his wisdom and to create in me a different view of the way the world operates.

We could all solve the world’s most pressing problems if we just eliminated one thing inside most of us. “FEAR”. I can’t think of one issue that in some way is not connected to our internal or collective fear of something. The press thrive on it, politicians peddle it and vested interests prey on it. Fear is contagious and we as parents and as adult role models instil it into our children. We kill their dreams by telling them to avoid the chance of failure. Fear of failure is an international plague.

If you want to know the one key difference between a successful person and someone who has an “ordinary” life it is in their attitude to fear and failure. To succeed, you realise that failure is your friend. You appreciate that you learn more from failure than you do from success. You also learn that success usually only comes after many failures.

Luck (apparently according to some is the only way to have major success), is only achieved when persistence and opportunity meet. How many people do you know waiting for their ship to come in only to be at the wrong dock, waiting in the wrong place or at home expecting the ship to come to them?

My top ten tips for changing your life today and getting awesome results are:

  1. Decide to be a TALL (Totally Addicted Lifelong Learner) person
  2. Develop a relationship with a coach and mentor to help you design your desired life
  3. Read books— Inspirational and knowledgeable ideas will spring from the hidden depths of your mind
  4. Listen to the many great CD’s, podcasts and videos from the best motivators and educators (Tony Robbins as an example is a great place to start)
  5. Exercise. If you are not moving how can you expect to journey anywhere
  6. Get rid of negative people out of your life. This is hard sometimes as they are related to you or your present circumstances mean you hang out with the wrong crowd at work, and play. Certainly ignore their advice.
  7. Get clear in your mind what you want from life. Dream and think big. Other people do big things every day already. All those people did was to decide to take action, show unwavering persistence and stare failure time and again in the face .
  8. Develop a plan of how you will get what you want. Remember, if you fail to plan you are just planning to fail.
  9. Tell trusted individuals what you intend to do with your big plans. This creates accountability with others and forces you to action your plans.
  10. And lastly, never, never, never ever give up. The best things in life are hard to do. If they were easy everybody would be doing it.

Get inspired!!!! Let me know what you would like to achieve and if I can help in some way I am here for you.

Cheers Michael

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  1. Inspirational post, Michael.

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