Don’t do your homework and you go home

253452-michael-clarke Interesting times in Australian cricket. Four players have been dropped for the next test because apparently they failed to complete a written report on how they would contribute to the team effort after two bad losses. Much has been written and said about this in the media with opinions divided on whether this is a good or bad thing. As far as I am concerned I look at things two ways.

As a business trainer and consultant I can look at it this way. If I asked four of my management team to prepare a short written report for presentation before an important event an they didn’t I would be inclined to sack them. It’s that simple. If I thought this was an example of their commitment to the job, obviously I would think I would need people who would actually want to do the job, so these ones would have to go.

On the other hand as a sportsman and someone who has played a lot of cricket I found the punishment for these fellows as way to harsh. One must wonder if there is something else going on behind the scenes for this reaction. Perhaps time will tell.

What I find interesting is in the one size fits all approach of the coaching staff in expecting players to conform to a specific instruction that some people are just not suited to do. People are very different like the game of cricket itself. Writing something like a report is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are good at putting ideas and thoughts down on paper. Some are just completely useless at it.

I have coached alot of cricketers, and the one thing that stands out is how effective one on one mentoring and coaching works. Team meetings are fine for setting team goals and a united purpose, but an individual’s game is a very personal thing and something that is perhaps not best shared in a team environment.

Cheers Michael

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