Thunderbirds are Go!!!

Thunderbirds1 I am a Thunderbirds fan. Many of you would not realise that this show was made in the year 1964, 49 years ago. Saturday morning at 6am on the Nine network station Go, the Thunderbirds are a must watch if I happen to be up.

As a child I was facinated by this show and it’s twin Captain Scarlet. I can remember my mother making me a Captain Scarlet outfit to wear at a fancy dress ball when I was about six or seven. I have talked to many folks of my generation and find they are still fascinated by this show as adults. It certainly brings back good memories for me of growing up and acting out our own rescue missions.

Big news is that there are rumours of a new batch of episodes going into production. Interesting to see how they will handle the big advances in technology with things like CGI and the like. Surely they still have to be puppets. One must see the strings and everything to keep the feel of the program, and that walk is a classic. Great parody here.

When I watch the show I am fascinated in what the producers and creators saw as the future. The show is set in about 2050. Frankly the technology is a bit dodgy. Brains the designer of the Thunderbirds is a bit behind the times. There is not one computer to be seen anywhere and the digital technology, well lets say it doesn’t exist.

Which got me musing about what the future holds. I am very sceptical of anybody telling me what technology or fad will be all the rage next year, let alone in ten, twenty or fifty years time. For all I know goats singing will be all the rage.

Anyhow, the important point here is that the future is very uncertain. questions to contemplate:

  • How have you equipped yourself to cope with change?
  • What job will you have in five years?
  • Will your skills be out of date?
  • What is forecast for your career?
  • What exciting new industry may you have the chance to be involved in?

At we think about these challenges alot. Already in the last few years we have seen the emergence of online training as an enormous opportunity for individuals and businesses to receive tailored training at home or at work.

The interconnectiveness of the world has changed the way people do business. Is the concept of the office dead? Or even of the retail store?

Time will tell, but the important thing is to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities the changes will present.

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Cheers Michael

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