Your trainer and training company — your guide to picking the right ones

ELearningOnline learning is a reasonably new education system. I first started being a trainer over the Internet about 5 years ago. You would think the theory behind online learning would be simple. Enrol in a course, get your logins and off you go. In reality it is much more complex.

There are some important questions to be considered when thinking about enroling into any vocational course including whether you should do this online. They could include:

  • What course should I be doing?— What role do I have now? What are my ambitions with my career? Do I have a clear career path? Is there opportunity to RPL?( Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • Is their funding I could access for my course?— How will I pay for my training? Is there other costs such as travel, accommodation or other resources? Do I have to have time off work and will my employer still pay me for this time?
  • Is the course value for money?— What quality is training? What support will I get?

In our organisation we have experienced trainers and administrators to help you answer these questions. We have specific tools to gain a picture of your suitability to undertake training. It is important to know that your trainer (who will also mentor and coach you) has a complete picture of your attributes and challenges to help you complete successfully.

The next consideration is about the support you will get during your training period. Questions to consider here are:

  • How accessable is my training support?— What hours are they contactable? Is email support available in a timely fashion?
  • How quickly will my assessments be marked?— Are they marked within 24 or 48 hours or weekly?
  • What feedback do I get for my assessments?— If I get it wrong? If I get it right?
  • Does someone keep me accountable to completing tasks on time?— How will this happen? What help will I get to motivate myself?

Our trainers at have  guidelines that promise specific timelines to assist students complete in a timely manner. Access to students by phone is available during standard working hours.

Assessments are to be marked with 4 days preferably within 2 working days. Feedback on answers is important particularly when assessments must be resubmitted. Our students will receive concise and specific help to guide the student to get it right next time.

Accountability is vital to keep people motivated and moving toward a successful completion of their course. Our trainers will contact individual students about once amonth either phone call or occassional face to face meetings where applicable. Having goals and deadlines to complete tasks is important in keeping students on track.

In summary, online training has many advantages over traditional class room training or correspondance courses. The student can self pace and manage their time to suit their requirements. It is important to quiz your training company to see what support is offered and whether this will support you and keep your motivation high. believe that your training experience is deeply influenced by the support you receive from your trainer.

Cheers Michael

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