RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning

QualifiationRPL or Recognition of Prior Learning is a way to recognise a candidates skills by matching them to the required elements of a unit of study in a Certificate or Diploma. Inside a unit are elements or particular skills or knowledge that a student needs to be able to know or perform to be assessed competent.

For instance a unit in Certificate IV in Business Administration is  “Design and develop complex text documents”. This is all about using the word processing program ” Word”. Normally, a student will be asked to undertake study and then demonstrate their competency in the elements making up the unit. If the element was to create a macro in Word, the student would be asked to do this to achieve competency. Under RPL a candidate would provide evidence that they could achieve competency without study or assessment.  This could be documents, diaries, observations and recommendations by others as examples of typical evidence.

RPL has the advantage of by passing unnecessary training in areas of competency. It may mean the candidate can supply all of the evidence to achieve competency for the entire qualification. For others just a unit or two or part of units may be required to be studied and assessments undertaken. For the experienced candidate unused to training and learning, RPL gives them a process to recognise skills gained over their years of work, particularly recent experience (within the last 7 years or so)

If this sounds like you I would like to strongly encourage you to think about doing RPL. This process could unlock possibilities to increase your wealth and standing in the workplace or maybe open the door to that dream job.

For more information contact me at michael@t3australia.com.au or visit our website at t3australia.com.au .

RPL is something our caring trainers can walk you through to help you gain the evidence. Also to consider  is that RPL can cost considerably less than a full qualification saving you precious dollars.

Cheers Michael

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