So how hard is it to do a qualification?

Congratulations2 I am often asked about the amount of work that is required to do a Certificate or a Diploma. Typically as you can imagine the higher the level of the qualification the more work and the harder it will be.

One thing that a lot  of people don’t completely understand is the difference between vocational training, school and University. The main difference is in the assessment process. School and University typically have marks or grades that indicate the level of proficiency attained in that particular exam, project or assessment. In vocational training you are either competent or not yet competent for any particular assessment piece. This means that you may have endless goes at getting the assessment right. It also means that when for example, you are answering say ten questions and you get one wrong you only have to redo that question. Failure at school or University on the otherhand could mean starting all over again from scratch and having to re-answer questions you already have gotten right the first time.

  • Point 1 — You can’t ever fail in vocational training only give up trying.

Secondly your trainer should be in regular contact with you and should be easily accessed when needed. In our organisation our training is delivered online. This means all content and assessments are done inside your Internet browser. Our trainers have specific work instructions that outline a set of regular contact times to keep the trainee progressing. This is important for motivation and feedback so the trainee knows they have a team of dedicated people to assist when needed.

  • Point 2— You should have strong dedicated support from your trainer throughout your entire course

Online training is becoming the preferred method for training in areas of administration, management, computer skills, relationships, processes and procedures. Poeple that work in an office environment, sales counter, administration, finance, retail and reception find on line training a much simplier way to complete training. There are no classes to attend, time away from work and flexibility to complete units during slow times during the week.

  • Point 3— Online training is flexible with up to date Learning Management Systems ( LMS)  using similar technology that we all use during our work day particularly if we are using computers and Internet processes.

Your time is important. Online training can considerably save you time by it’s accessibility. All that is required is a computer, laptap or tablet (phone apps can’t be far away) and Internet access. Imagine sitting at the beach, or maybe having a latte at your favorite coffee shop or on your favorite sunlounge attending to your training in relaxed comfortable surroundings

  • Point 4— Online training is a plesant experience designed around your enjoyment, engaging you and helping you move through at your pace.

Qualifications and training are an important part of your growth as a person and becoming the best you can be. It has the up side of making you better able to handle more responsibility and with that better opportunities for more income and promotion.

  • Point 5— Certificates and Diplomas make you more employable, wealthier and opens up endless opportunities to become an awesome individual.

For further information on what we can do for you, friends, family or your business don’t hesitate to contact me at or mobile 0407 727163.

Cheers Michael

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