princess-avenger-high-res-cover3 Big weekend for my wife Bernadette who is attending a romance readers conference in Brisbane. For those of you who don’t know Bernadette has been recently published by Destiny Romance a part of the Penguin group. The book originally published as an E-book has now been published in paperback and will be available in coming months. Details to come.

Bernadette has attended her first book signing (which is very exciting in itself ) where she came face to face with readers who were interested in her book and requested signed copies.

The story is of the fantasy/ romance genre and is about a princess who is the beautiful royal by day and an avenging superwoman by night. The book has had excellent online reviews and feedback from friends is positive. Most commented on by far is when is the next story coming out as this book leaves the reader hanging out for more.

I am very proud of Bernadette’s efforts as she has put in many years into her writing and honing her craft. I often think how hard it is to get a book published and be accepted by a publisher. Many others would have given up with the constant applications to publishers. This can be at times a discouraging process, but in the tradition of those who never give up their dreams, Bernadette worked tirelessly to improve her stories.  What an unforgetable day last year when she found out she would be made an offer to publish.

If you would like more information and details on how you can obtain her book you can visit her blog at bernadetterowley.com . The blog has interesting musings on her thoughts and about her life as an author.

Cheers Michael

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