Re-inventing your life


I like many Australians like to watch Masterchef. One of their regular challenges is the re-invention test. In the test for those of you who don’t know is making something new from an old idea. It is amazing to watch what some people come up with. I am in awe of their imagination under the pressure of time and critical judgement.

Many people find as they get older that they have to re-invent their career, sometimes several times. I went through this process myself several years back when I went from being a farmer and small business owner to become a trainer in business and administration. It is so hard to change what you see as your identity (in my case farmer) to be something completely different. This can be a very scary experience for some and quite unsettling. Reactions to this can be very severe with some people giving up on the idea of work all together and can be a contributing factor to other problems such as relationship breakup, financial collapse and in extreme cases suicide, alcholism and voilence.

For people over fifty years of age there are potenial opportunties to receive funding to retrain your self or RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) a qualification. If you wish to find out more about this really exciting ooportunity contact me at for more information.

Cheers Michael

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