Coaching and Mentoring

2012-12-13 13.20.10 The word team means different things to different people. We have all heard the sayings like ” There is no I in Team” or Team stands for ” Together everybody achieves more”. Remember just a little while back when a business had staff and now it is “the team”. A friend of mine used to say they were called staff because you got “staff” all out of them.

Have you thought about how important teams are to you in your life?

Perhaps you play a sport which you need a team to particpate in. Do you think of your life partner and yourself as a team. Your family members as part of a team. Teams really are just groups of people who join together to achieve a goal whether that is winning, achieving results or just to have fun.

When thinking about teams I was analysing their role in my life. I have many from family, business and sport aspects of my life. Importantly one of my most important teams are my coaches and mentors. I have a wide variety of people who I look to for coaching and mentoring and on the other side of the coin I have people who rely on my coaching and mentoring.

So what about you? Do you see this as important? Are you embarrassed to ask for coaching and mentoring? Or do you see this as just a waste of time?

I am interested in your responses to those questions so feel free to comment.

Ultimately the most important thing to me about my coaches and mentors is that their ideas and knowledge gives me short cuts to addressing challenges in my life. Reinventing the wheel is not that smart when trusted individuals can quickly pass on their advice to solve problems. My own experience is that almost every challenge in our daily lives has been dealt with before, often with really simple solutions.

We all have aspects of our lives that we don’t do that well. Nobody is an expert at everything. Isn’t it time you thought hard about how many coaches and mentors you have today and whether it’s time to find some more to help you be the best you can be.

BTW the photo at the top of this article is of the Queensland Schoolboys Cricket team which beat New South Wales in Townsville in December 2012. My son Sam was part of that side. It was a moment of pure joy and pride to watch him and his team work together to win so handsomely.

Cheers Michael

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